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Bande démo AM FILMS

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La boutique olfactive à Bordeaux

La boutique olfactive à Bordeaux

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WoJO // Les chuchoteuses

WoJO // Les chuchoteuses

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Short movie


In an improbable world, an one-armed person is forced for his survival to go fishing in nauseous places. He captures a siren there which he blinds, he tries to give her back the sight. 

Duration : 28 minutes

Written and directed by Sacha Ketoff

Edited by Corinne Lapassade

Produced by Clément Pignal (Al Dente Films) et Alexandra Métaireau

With the participation of CNC and Arte France

Grand Prix Festival de Dijon – Prix de l’innovation au festival de Villeurbanne – Sélectionné au festival de Brest – Clermont Ferrand – Aix en Provence – FID Marseille – Festival de Bilbao – Sélectionné représentant films français : Nairobi (Kenya) – Séoul (Corée du sud).

Free on Vimeo

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The torch

After the birth of his daughter Linda, Lino Ventura created Perce Neige, an organization in favor of people with intellectual disabilities.

This former wrestler who became a movie star could not have expected this to be the most difficult and painful struggle of his life.




Raymonde Viret,

hymne à la voix

Portrait of a woman who has dedicated her life to voice work, delivering a message that goes far beyond simple vocal technique.



Duration: 54 minutes

Directed and edited by Alexandra Métaireau

Mixed by Abrial studio

Colored by Luca Casavola

Filmed by A.Metaireau - JM Besenval - Z.Orlic - V. Morel

VOD : Vimeo

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Rencontre(s) avec Michel Déon

A series of encounters with Michel Déon, French writer and academician. The portrait of a traveling novelist and a free man emerges.

Duration: 22 minutes

Directed by Alexandra Métaireau between 2003 and 2010.

Edited by Matylda Dymek

Mixed and set to music by Patrick Abrial

Text said by Judith d'Aleazzo Production ADN Prod. © (formerly ADN -


Free on VIMEO

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Mini series on You Tube

Le bain de Sonia



Channel dedicated to newborns and presented by Sonia Krief, creator of "Thalasso Bain Bébé"

Advice given to parents about preparing birth and creating a strong and healthy connection with their baby.

Series of 7 episodes: 4 minutes

Directed by Alexandra Métaireau with Sonia Krief

With the participation of CNC Talent

Free on YouTube channel : le bain de Sonia




During our early days, we experience an impressive number of physical and emotional first sensations we are unable to remember consciously.


However they are forever buried in our subconscious. How do they drive our adult life, our reactions, our behavior?


Can we relive our birth and heal the traumas associated with birth and what happens before and the weeks after?

  • Ces nouveau-nés que nous sommes


Depuis 2006, avec ma société AM FILMS, je réalise et monte des films corporate, interviews, vidéos séminaire, captations d’évènements, web séries, clips vidéo et documentaires.